Man With The Plan:    It's been a long time, huh, Jimmy ?  [ Breathing Apparatus Hisses ]
                                Long time, Jimmy. You don't come around.
Jimmy the Saint:        Been busy. Workin
' hard.

Man With The Plan:    Right. Citizen now. Legitimate businessman. I heard about your endeavor, some kind of support group 
                                thing for dying fags or something.
Jimmy the Saint:       Something.
Man With The Plan:    I spend all my time with these two fuckin' morons... and my village idiot son. I miss my wife, Jimmy.
                                You remember Cynthia ?
Jimmy the Saint:       Beautiful lady. Special.
Man with the Plan:     Thank God she never had to see me like this. Look at you. You got a lady ?
Jimmy the Saint:        No.

Man with the Plan:    
                                You into that yet ? Bitin' the pillow ?
Jimmy the Saint:        No.
Man with the Plan:     You will. It's a liberal thing.
One day you're saving the rain forest, the next you're chugging cock. Am I wrong ? [ Laughing ]
Jimmy the Saint:        Talk to me, will ya ?
Man With The Plan:    [ Chuckling ]
I WANT PEACE. I'm ass-fixed to this chair. I'm tired. I'm old.
                                  I shit in a bag. I piss in another. I got a nurse. Call the nurse.[ Buzzing ]
                                 Hello, Melanie. Nod to my friend Jimmy.
Nurse:                       Hello.
Jimmy the Saint:        How are you ?
Man With The Plan:     Excuse us. She's a ten. Jimmy, she's a planet unto herself.
                                 She can't nurse worth shit, but I keep her on 'cause...
                                 although I can't feel it, I know I have erections in her presence. You understand ?
Jimmy the Saint:         I understand.
Man With The Plan:     Good. Then you'll understand when I say this. Bernard, my son, he's all that's

left of my Cynthia, and he's CRAZY AS A SHITHOUSE RAT. 

                                 The other day they catch him... in the elementary school playground... 

                   GRABBIN' ITTY-BITTY-TITTY. It was a mess.

                                 And the thing is, I understand the problem. Bernard's problem.. Do you remember Meg ?
Jimmy the Saint:        Yeah.
Man With The Plan:     Meg was... Bernard's high-school sweetheart, you know.They kept it upthrough college.
                                  We thought they was gonna get hitched. Until she met this beat Bruce.
                                  Studying to be an orthodontist. She busted up with Bernard and moved to L.A.
                                  with this beat Bruce. Bernard's never been the same.
                                  I understand part of this was inevitable. Being the son of me, he lacks initiative.
                                  Since this Meg thing, his behavior is... worse. And now, this thing in the schoolyard, uh, is a fiasco.
                                  My intelligence tells me...this beat Bruce is comin' to Denver.
                                  Meet Meg's folks, ask their permission to marry the little bangtail. This can't happen.
                                  Meg loved Bernard for seven years. She can learn to love him again.
Jimmy the Saint:         What do you want done ?
Man with the Plan:       It's just an action. It's not a piece of work. Catch the creep out on the highway...
                                  before he gets to Meg's, brace him. Make it so's he'd sooner fuck the Fryolater than propose to Meg.
Jimmy the Saint:         Why me ?

Man with the Plan:       Jimmy, you got the nice suit, you got the $70 haircut, but you are taking a dump in your video business.
                                  I gotta all in the note.
Jimmy the Saint:         What do you mean you gotta call in the note ? I didn't take the note off of you. I took it off of New Orleans Sal.

Man with the Plan:       Took it off New Orleans Sal? Who do you think New Orleans Sal took it off of ?
                                  Mmm, you ain't no entrepreneur, Jimmy.
Jimmy the Saint:         Okay. I need a crew. Maybe four.
Man with the Plan:        I worship you. I'm payin' 50 Gs straight out. It's just an action.
                                  Split it any way you want. You wanna throw those pathetic yuks some scratch, I applaud your... sensitivity. 
                                  For Cynthia, do it. For Cynthia! may she rest in peace. do it ! For the old days, do it. For your fag business, just do it.
                                  Hey. Here's Ellie. Brought you some seltzer.


Man With The Plan:    An action, not a piece of work. I said that. Did I not say that ?
Jimmy the Saint:       Sir, if I could just exp..
Man With The Plan:    Don't "sir" me, Jim ! You gonna beg? Well, get down on your knees in your pretty suit. Beg. Grovel !
Jimmy the Saint:       You asked me back in.
Man With The Plan:    I'm taking you out.
Jimmy the Saint:       So that's it. You're gonna send these two, and they're gonna...
                                stab me in a crowded ltalian restaurant, garrote me in my sleep ?
Man With The Plan:    Never. Not these two, not that way. We go back, me and you.
                                You lent the operation a modicum of class in the days.
                                That's why..the milk of human kindness.. I'm giving you... an out.
                                You got 48 hours. Put it in the wind. Leave Denver.
                                Go to Rome, visit the Vatican.Pray to the God you abandoned back in Brooklyn.
                                JUST PUT IT IN THE FUCKIN' WIND, Jim, or else I gotta do you too.
Jimmy the Saint:       What about the others ?
Man With The Plan:   
Jimmy the Saint:       It wasn't their fault. They were following my orders. I take full responsibility.
Man with the Plan:     Lovely. [ Chuckles ] You're not a human being, YOU'RE A WALTZ.
                                Buckwheats, Jim, to your miserable band of misfits. Buck-fuckin'-wheats.



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