Carlito:               Somebody's pullin' me close to the ground. I can sense, but I can't see. I ain't panicked. I been here before.
                          Same as when I got popped on 104th Street. Don't take me to no hospital, please.

                          Fuckin' emergency rooms don't save nobody. Son of a bitches always pop you at midnight...
                          ...when all they got is a Chinese intern with a dull spoon.
                          Look at these suckers scramblin' around. What for? My Puerto Rican ass ain't supposed
                          to have made it this far. Most of my crew got washed a long time ago. Don't worry.
                          My heart, it don't ever quit. I ain't ready to check out. Seems like I just got out of the joint.
                          Stood up in front of that judge, and told him what was who.


Carlito:                 Now I ain't sayin' that my way would have been different... had my mother been alive when I was a kid,                                         'cause that's all you hear in the joint. "I didn't have a chance. " No. Bullshit.
                            I was already a mean little bastard while my mother was alive, and I know it.
                            But I learned about women from her.

The Judge:             Mr. Brigante, there are 56 cases on the court's docket for this morning. Why am I listening to this?

Dave Kleinfeld:       Your Honor, Mr. Brigante is understandably excited... having been vindicated after five years of incarceration.
                             There's no vindication here, counselor. Or absolution, or benediction,or anything...
                             ..other than an incredible convergence of circumstances...which you've exploited to your client's benefit.
                             Your Honor, these circumstances that you speak of....include illegal wiretaps and tainted evidence.
                             This is a classic "fruit of the poisoned tree" situation. I think after five years of unjust incarceration...
                              ..it's reasonable to request Mr. Brigante be indulged his right to speak.

The Judge:               Okay, Mr. Brigante, I'm all ears.

Carlito:                   Your Honor...with all due respect... past and present, and without further to-do.
                              Let me assure this court that I am through walkin' on the wild side. That's all I've been tryin' to tell you.
                              I have been sick with the social ills known in the ghetto...
                              but my time in the sterling correctional facilities...
                              of Green Haven and Sing Sing has not been in vain. I've been cured!
                              Born again, like the Watergaters. I know you heard this rap before. Your Honor, I mean it.
                              This is the truth. I changed. I changed and it didn't take no 30 years...

                              ...like Your Honor thought, but only five. That's right, sir. Five years. And look at me.
                              Completely rehabilitated...reinvigorated, reassimilated, and finally gonna be relocated.
                              And I want to thank a lot of people for that. I look over there and I see that man there, Mr. Norwalk.
                              I want to thank you, sir,
for making the tapes in an illegal fashion.
                              I would like to thank the Court of Appeals for reversing you, Your Honor.
                              And I want to thank...Almighty God, without whom no case gets tossed.
Dave Kleinfeld:        I can't believe this.
Carlito:                   I must have forgot. How could I forget...my dear, close friend and lawyer...
                              ...David Kleinfeld, who never gave up on me... ...through everything, thick and thin.
                              Why don't you just stand up?
Dave Kleinfeld:         I'm sorry.
The Judge:               Mr. Brigante!
Carlito:                    Dave Kleinfeld.
The Judge:              You're not accepting an award. Court of Appeals' decision....and the District Attorney's
                              unfortunate investigative techniques...now devolve upon me the painful duty of unleashing upon society...
                              ...a reputed assassin and convicted purveyor of narcotics

Carlito:                    No.
Never convicted on no dope.
The Judge:               The indictment is dismissed. Prisoner is discharged. Call the next case.

Carlito:                   "I am free at last, free at last... thank God Almighty, I AM FREE AT LAST!"



Carlito:                "I ain't goin' back on the street"?

Carlito:                 I owned clubs. I never ran 'em.

Carlito:                 Car rental guys don't get killed that much.

Carlito:                It's a dream, Dave. You gotta dream, baby.

Carlito:                So the kid's walkin' in there with $30,000. And the legend, me, I'm walkin' right in with him.

Carlito:                You said they were friends, Guajiro.... but there ain't no friends in this shit business. 

                     Adiós, primo.


Carlito:                Times have changed. What happened to the miniskirts? Where's all that marijuana?
                           Now everything is platforms, cocaine, and dances I don't dance.

                           What a man gotta come to when he loses five years.
But some shit never changes, like Saso.
Saso:                   Charlie, my friend! Charlie Brigante! How you doing?
Carlito:                 Hey, Saso.
Saso:                   No, no more Saso. Now everybody calls me Ron.
Carlito:                 Ron?
Saso:                   Ron from Reinaldo.
Carlito:                 Okay, Ron, let's get to the point. I hear you're doing good business with this place.
Saso:                   Very good.
Carlito:                 So how come you need money?
Saso:                    Me?
Carlito:                  You gamblin' again, right? How much you owe?
Saso:                     I don't know, maybe $50,000 or $60,000.
Carlito:                  That means about $100,000. Who you owe the money to?
Saso:                    You know, Charles, some of the boys. $25,000 will quiet them for now,
                            and you'll come in for a quarter of my end.
Carlito:                 Okay, I'm gonna give you $25,000 cash tomorrow. I'm gonna come in for half your end.
Saso:                    What are you trying to do to me?

Carlito:                 What I'm trying to do, Saso, I mean Ron, is save your ass. Right, because it's either Fat Anthony
                            or Scooze you owe the money to, right? Either way,
you're gonna end up in the trunk of a car...
                            ...somewhere on the Belt Parkway before long. May be weeks before they find you. Like DeeDee.
                            Remember? They open her up. That's some kind of stink you're gonna make.
                             "What's that smell?" Saso, man. That's Saso. Used to be Ron.

Carlito:               You a gangster now. You can't learn it at school... you can't have a late start.

Carlito:               If I ever, I mean if I ever see you here again, you die.

                              ''DAVE IS MY FRIEND"

Carlito:               It's who I am Gail, it's what I am. Right or wrong, I can't change that.

Carlito:               Who the fuck are you? I should remember you? What, you think you like me? 
                          You ain't like me motherfucker, you a punk. I've been with made people, connected people.
                          Who've you been with? Chain snatching, jive-ass, maricon motherfuckers.
                          Why don't you get out of here and go snatch a purse.



Carlito:               Sorry boys, all the stitches in the world can't sew me together again.
                        Lay down... lay down. Gonna stretch me out in Fernandez funeral home on Hun and Ninth street.
Always knew I'd make a stop there, but a lot later than a whole gang of people thought...
                        Last of the Moh-Ricans... well maybe not the last. Gail's gonna be a good mom...
                        New improved Carlito Brigante... Hope she uses the money to get out. 
No room in this city for big hearts like hers...
                        Sorry baby, I tried the best I could, honest... Can't come with me on this trip, Loaf.
                        Getting the shakes now, last call for drinks, bars closing down...
                        Sun's out, where are we going for breakfast? Don't wanna go far. Rough night, tired baby... Tired...

 Carlito:                Mi barrio ya no existe!


Carlito:                    Get him out. Take him out the back. Take him in the alley. Dumb move, man. Dumb move.
                               But it's like them old reflexes comin' back. I know what's supposed to happen now.
                               Benny's gotta go down. And if I don't do it, they're gonna say:
"Carlito, he's flaky, man. Slacked-out. "A used-to-be bad guy. Joint got to Carlito. "
                               The street is watchin'. She is watchin' all the time.


Carlito:                    Adiós, counselor.

Carlito:                    He's got a good future if he can live past next week.

Carlito:                    Already I had a bad feeling about the boat trip night as soon as I saw Dave. 

                               He was all coked up so much that his nostrils were red and swollen. Bad start Jack.

Carlito:                    There is a line you cross, you don't never come back from. Point of no return.
                               Dave crossed it. I'm here with him. That's means I am going along for the ride. The whole ride.
                               All the way to the end of the line, wherever that is.

Carlito:                    Let me get this straight, he's gonna jump off a barge, swim a hundred yards, to a buoy? 
                               In the east river? Impossible, its too rough he is going to die.




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